COACHING FOR TEAMS                                                  As a coach to intact teams, I facilitate moving beyond the traditional definition of a team – a collection of individuals seeking to achieve a common goal – enabling a 'collection of individuals' to become an ensemble, where trust and respect abound; cohesion, collaboration, commitment and engagement are at levels that exceed all expectations; and performance knows no limit.  Employing battle-tested processes, methods and best practices, information flows are unclogged, sources of conflict are tamped down, and individual efforts are focused on achieving collective results.


As a specialist in the science of organizational development, I help organizations to become more optimally structured and organized, more purposeful and socially responsible, more inclusive and diverse, more likely to be an employer of choice and a magnet for talent, more adaptable and agile, and more of everything that's needed to attain and sustain high performance supported by a highly fulfilled workforce. • +1 203.834.1958 • +1 203.984.8745


As a professional facilitator, I move talented people further along the path of success, providing processes and programs for capability development and/or enhancement in the areas of communication, behavioral interviewing, onboarding, goal setting, performance management, conflict resolution, change management, decision making, self-management, tough conversations, presentations, managing resources and results, and/or increasing performance and fulfillment. 

COACHING FOR INDIVIDUALS                                                                             As a trusted advisor and counsel to key executives, I provide processes and methods for those seeking to gain clarity regarding what’s working and what’s not. I also provide methods and accountability to correct what needs fixing, enhance what needs improving and sustain what is working well.  And every engagement is focused on achieving specific, measurable, time-bound goals, and not the number of hours spent.