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I launched my practice in 1996 and have remained true to my original mission – helping people and organizations perform better.  

My clients have included well-known and highly regarded individuals and small, mid and large-cap organizations in the fields of accounting, advertising, banking, branding, health & beauty, capital management, consulting, consumer products, data, energy, finance, gastronomy, health services, insurance, information management, law, marketing, medical products, not-for-profits, pharmaceuticals, publishing, reinsurance, retail, shipping, telecommunications, veterinary medicine, and wine.  And fortunately, they have consistently supported and reinforced my dedication to doing the right things right.

​My one-on-one engagements have included helping individuals make better career decisions, effectively communicate with others, put forth higher quality presentations, solve problems, make the best choice among any number of opportunities, increase their self-awareness, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their interactions with others, remove barriers and obstacles to their better performance, understand and make better use of their strengths, formulate strategies and tactics to achieve their objectives, prepare for engaging in tough conversations, reduce causes of stress, embrace the imbalance of work and non-work time, gain insight from independent, third-party thinking, and obtain and sustain greater fulfillment in their personal and professional life.

​​“From our first meeting in 2005 to our most recent conversation, Michael has consistently been an excellent source of advice and reasoned counsel during my career.  Michael blends his expertise and knowledge with an uncanny ability to truly listen and hear what is happening. If your professional life is one of increasing responsibility and change management,  I would highly recommend proactively seeking out Michael's support.”  
(Chief Medical Officer, Pharmaceutical)

My engagements with teams have included facilitating offsite meetings of 1-5 days to plan, organize, develop, devise, strategize, decide, improve communication, reduce conflict, execute changes, contend with planned and possible calls to action, challenge the status quo and conventional thinking, increase individual and collective self-awareness, contemplate what to keep doing, do differently, start doing and stop doing, increase knowledge and skill, inspire collaboration, improve camaraderie and enhance cooperation horizontally and vertically, identify what they are missing from the diversity and intersectionality they already have or need to obtain, turn vision into reality and give themselves the gift of developing their own future.

​“Michael has been a trusted advisor to me and the firm where I've worked for a number of years. He developed outstanding programs that were exactly what we needed and hit all the issues we struggled to address. More importantly, he is an amazing facilitator. His delivery style is flexible, entertaining, responsive, and impactful, regardless of the level of participant.”  (Chief HR Officer, Publishing)

My engagements with organizations have included conducting large-scale surveys and assessments, providing feedback and recommendations, devising and developing systemic improvements aimed at bettering recruiting, selection and performance management, preparing and enabling people for anticipated and unanticipated change, designing structures and forms to enhance productivity and performance, focusing resources and efforts in areas that will affect people's fulfillment that will readily increase commitment, engagement and performance.

"Michael has been a business-critical resource within our organization since 2012.  He has partnered with us strategically to accomplish a complete transformation and globalization of our business.  He has enabled the professional development of our entire senior team and continues to support our journey with his expertise, insight and wealth of business savvy."  (Global CHRO, Reinsurance)